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How Our Specialists Work - Our Latest Air Duct Projects

Our company provides air duct cleaning, repair and sanitization services for HVAC and exhaust systems. On this page we showcase our professional solutions by describing our most recent projects. Learn about our services now.

Air Duct Repair Close To Pasadena | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown

Air Duct Repair

Customer Issue: Mr. Howell found that certain areas of his home seemed to have cold spots where the heat didn’t seem to be affecting them.
Our Solution: An examination of Mr. Howell’s air ducts led us to find that a section of them had become crushed, hence causing issues with the air being able to get through and reach all of the rooms. We removed the damaged air duct section and put in a new piece of the appropriate size. Our team sealed it into place with metallic tape and mastic.

Levi Howell - Pasadena
Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Highlands | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Complaints from tenants about the dryer performance led this landlord to call in some professional vent cleaners.
Our Solution: This dryer’s exhaust pipe took an eccentric path from the laundry room to its crawlspace terminus, so our cleaning had to be done in place. The water and air hoses cleared the pipe of lint, and then our whip and mop heads scrubbed it clean before reconnection.

Luna Juramillo - Highlands
Air Duct Cleaning Near Pasadena | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown

Air Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: The customer scheduled his air ducts for their regular once per five years cleaning.
Our Solution: Our familiarity with Mr. Heley’s air duct system made this a straightforward operation. Each duct had our air hoses inserted from the closest vent or detachable junction, whipped, scrubbed, and brushed, and then sealed up again. Testing showed improved air quality, and no leaks.

Reginald Heley - Pasadena
Air Vent Replacement Near Coady | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown

Air Vent Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Eaton had recently renovated his home and wanted new air vents installed to match his new décor.
Our Solution: Our technician removed the old air vents from the customer’s rooms. He vacuumed and made repairs to each location so the new air vents would properly fit. The customer was extremely pleased with the results and his new air vents!

Virgil Eaton - Coady
Vent Cleaning Project | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown, TX

Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Dust and debris accumulated inside the vents.
Our Solution: Mr. Ward’s pets shed large amounts of hair and dander, which, together with dust and other debris, formed lint on the vent surfaces. We used safe and powerful equipment to complete the job to his satisfaction.

Lance Ward - Highlands
Air Duct Repair Project | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown, TX

Air Duct Repair

Customer Issue: Damaged air ducts.
Our Solution: After inspection we turned off the HVAC system and began the repair. We sealed all slits and holes before cleaning all surfaces and testing the system for adequate efficiency. Mr Bell was happy with the results and the rate we charged.

Andrew Bell - Baytown
Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: Dust and debris in the air ducts.
Our Solution: The HVAC air ducts were heavily contaminated, and we cleaned all sections with skill and extra care. The final step was replacing the air filter with a more advanced one to make sure the results will last even longer.

Andrea Kelly - Baytown
Dryer Vent Cleaning | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown, TX

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Lint buildup inside the dryer vent.
Our Solution: The vent was almost fully blocked, so we used our most advanced tools and skills to remove the lint, leaving the walls completely bare. Our next step was to clean the hooded cap to guarantee maximum efficiency of the dryer vent.

Sean Wood - Pasadena
Filter Replacement | Air Duct Cleaning Baytown, TX

Filter Replacement

Customer Issue: The HVAC air filter was in bad shape.
Our Solution: Our check revealed the air filter did little to trap dust and other particles, so we replaced it with a more efficient one. To ensure the highest HVAC efficiency, we also removed contaminants from the ductwork.

Victoria Brooks - Baytown

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